Sisteray O2It’s almost impossible to believe it’s only been a year since Sisteray got together, yet they have already stamped their musical mark and last night saw them return for their first London gig since releasing their debut double A side single “Take It Away / Happy Endings” at the end of September.

To find a band with a good songwriter is a rarity these days, but in Dan Connolly and Niall Rowan, Sisteray have two, whose gift for lyricism and knack for finding those ever elusive simple but effective riffs, is one we’d all kill for. To prove it they treated last nights crowd at the O2 to “Comin’ Up” and “I’m Free”, both equally worthy of being the next single, while “Echoes” could easily have been a lost Buzzcocks hit and “War On The Floor” is a definite crowd pleaser.

Niall’s unique vocal style and laid back delivery is punctuated with subtle inflections, Michael Hanrahan punches the bass beautifully and also apparently plays a mean left back (c’mon guys, stop giving him ALL the crap jobs!) while Dans brother Ryan is shaping up pretty well as the man with the sticks.

The last time we saw them, they played to a half full venue, last night the place was rammed and on both occasions there was a demanding roar for an encore. Message to the O2, would it really have hurt to give them one more song? I mean I know you’re in it for the money, but the people who bring you that money are there for the music, might be a nice gesture to give them what they want, what they wanted last night was more Sisteray.

Looking forward to seeing them again soon (and apologies to Dan and the guys that we had to shoot off so soon after) and hoping another single is being considered, maybe even an album next year? There is certainly enough great material there, enough talent to produce more and enough drive to make it happen.

We’re not alone in seeing their great potential, they have already caught the attention of quite a few people and if we told you who they had down there last night doing the gig photography, you’d NEVER believe us!! Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and at