Icca’s Belle – a unique and compelling gig!

Meanwhile…another part of town, in a candlelit cavern beneath the mean streets of Kensington, Icca’s Belle hit the stage, with passionately powerful yet hauntingly sublime vocals, vibrantly voiced by Mr Harden simmering over a funk rock infused bass, with some spicy searing licks and fine fretwork, tempered with a bone crunching backbeat, all garnished and seasoned with mellow keys blending it together beautifully…..utterly delicious and a truly unique sound, blending traditional with contemporary they defy genre, to simply label them as ‘rock’ is to do them an injustice, just go and see them you’ll understand what we mean…….and on behalf of Rod a plea to venues… buy a drum stool, stop expecting them to sit on beer crates and children’s furniture…..drummers are people too…well almost! Check them out on Facebook by clicking here!